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Hello, Welcome to

I like taking pictures and I like taking pictures of scooters, there I said it.

One day I might take a picture that I like, when that day happens I will settle down with a pipe, slippers and the other type of scooter.

Presuming a myopic car driver doesnít magoo me and accelerate that plan against my will I will be sharing my continuing attempts to take the ultimate scooter picture with anyone who is interested though this website and twitter.

Wish me luck!

Most of the pictures in the galleries are of my own or friends scoots but of course there are many examples of lovely scooters from various rallies around the country.

There are a lot of HDR pictures on the site as I think the curves and metallicís of scooters especially Lambrettas and Vespas suit the process very well, I also like the gritty processing side of it so expect some dark, moody pictures.

Hopefully you will see an improvement in the pictures as time goes on and as my technique improves.

I hope you enjoy the site, feel free to e-mail me if you would like more information.